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Room By Room Guide

There is nothing like getting out of bed and your feet touching the warmth and comfort of carpet. The bedroom is the one room where one can be really indulgent – it is a very personal space. You can be unashamedly decadent; opulent; bold or sophisticated; uncompromisingly modernist; classic or futurist – the choice is yours! It is also in terms of wear, the room that will take the least so, frankly, you need not spend as much on a bedroom carpet as on a carpet for elsewhere in the home. For example, if your preferred carpet comes in 2 weight options, choose the lighter weight for the bedroom. You can also try a longer pile in this low traffic area – although probably not with young children.

It is often assumed that carpet is not suitable for a bathroom. This is not true. Ideally your choice of carpet here will be totally synthetic, including the backing, particularly in households with young children as there is the potential for the carpet to get soaked! Carpet should only be avoided if it is going to get drenched on a regular basis!

First impressions count and set the scene for the rest of your home. The hallway is a personal statement about the home and what is valued. It also takes a lot of through traffic so your carpet needs to be hard-wearing and a wool mix is advisable. There is no reason, however, why it shouldn’t look just as exciting as the rest of your home.

For the Hall, Stairs and Landing you really need a Quality Mark carpet that is at least Heavy Domestic and possibly Extra Heavy Domestic and probably one with an 80% wool content. Design and colour wise, here one has great scope to really ‘make an entrance’. Do consider an attractive stair runner. Using the same carpet for the hall, stairs and landing helps create a cohesive feel. 

The living room, as the name suggests, is often the ‘hub’ of a household and so, here again, a hard wearing, practical carpet is best. Style wise, you have free rein to select from the full range on offer. Remember that, on a like for like basis, the difference between a twist pile and a velvet pile is purely aesthetic while a light coloured carpet will make the room feel bigger.

The dining room is invariably a room in which great pride is taken and a decorating centre. Here, the natural loop pile carpets that replicate the coir and sisal look are very ‘modern’ and chic. Similarly, a lovely patterned carpet is highly practical and attractive. However, while practicality is important, the dining room is often used less than most so you can be indulgent!

The kitchen requires a special type of carpet, known as a gel backed carpet. These carpets are produced with a man made yarn, predominantly in a tight loop pile construction. The fibres are usually bleach cleanable to maintain the necessary levels of hygiene in the kitchen, whilst the gel backing provides a waterproof layer to prevent water penetration and rotting of your carpet.