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Measuring & Fitting Laminate


The first step in getting your new flooring is working out how much of it you need! At Karpet Mills we offer a no obligation, FREE estimating and planning service. We will measure all areas that need covering and will give on-site, impartial advice about your subfloor, underlay/ accessory requirements and any other aspects of a specific job. You can request a FREE home estimate here.

However, if you want to measure the floor yourself, follow these simple steps to get accurate sizes:

Use a metal tape, instead of a fabric tape measure, as this is likely to produce a more accurate measurement.
If you’re not exactly sure whether you’ve measured correctly, take the measurements twice to double-check.
Clearly write down each of the measurements as you take it – it’s easy to forget them if you don’t!
It may help to roughly sketch out a diagram of your floor and then write the measurements into the appropriate points.
Write down accurate sizes, we will add the appropriate amount onto these sizes for cutting etc.


Flooring which is correctly installed and well fitted will not only look good but will retain its appearance for longer. Remember that laminate/ wood fitting is a skill and should be left to an expert.

We have several teams of professional, time-served fitters who will lay your new flooring and accessories and help transform your new room. All work is fully guaranteed and our fitters will be happy to complete any job, big or small.
Karpet Mills can offer impartial advice with regards to sub floor preparation, underlay requirements and any specific intricacies of a particular job. In addition, as an additional service we can undertake: 

  • Subfloor preparation
  • Moving of furniture
  • Uplifting existing carpets/ flooring
  • Disposal of old carpets/ flooring
  • Removal, shortening where necessary, and re-fitting of doors

Whatever you require in terms of fitting, Karpet Mills will always offer a stress-free, professional service.